Names Mitsubishi Mirage Most Affordable Car of 2014 recently ranked the most affordable cars of 2014. And to no surprise to us, the Mitsubishi Mirage drove off with the title. This spunky, chromatic car is no doubt a fan favorite but now it’s also a practical and deliberate go-to vehicle for conscious consumers.


How did reach their ranking? We break it down for you.

They started their deliberation with a slew of cars with the lowest sticker prices. These cars were generally manual base models with limited features. Unfortunately, most car consumers are accustomed to certain upgrades—including automatic transmission, power windows and door locks, Bluetooth capabilities, and USB ports. Therefore, factored these amenities into each vehicle’s price.

With a new sticker price assigned to each vehicle, they then looked at fuel costs over a span of 5 years and averaged this expense into the vehicle’s new sticker price. Once they reached this number, they discarded any vehicle over $28,000 and then ranked the cars from lowest to highest price—deeming none other than the Mirage as the most affordable car of 2014.

Their official word:

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a small car that has a low starting price, decent features and incredible fuel economy, which put it firmly at the top of this list by nearly $2,000. That is a considerable margin compared to Most Affordable lists we’ve done, with some being decided by less than $100.

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