Mitsubishi: Making North Huntingdon Roads Safer One Car at a Time

Whether driving in snow gives you heart palpitations or you get nervous behind the wheel when the rain is beating down, then chances are only the safest vehicles on the road make your “Potential New Car” List.

Well it’s time to toss that list in the trash, and simply drive to Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi on Route 30 in North Huntingdon because we have you covered.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Pittsburgh, Lancer Pittsburgh

No matter the weather, the Mitsubishi-exclusive feature called S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) keeps your vehicle balanced, stable, and grounded at all times for increased safety. When you have a Mitsubishi vehicle with S-AWC, like an Outlander, Outlander Sport, or Lancer Evo, your vehicle provides enhanced traction rain or shine, sleet or snow; it doesn’t quit!

In addition to Mitsubishi’s S-AWC, when you drive an Outlander, you will be behind the wheel of one of the only vehicles in its segment with Active Front Differential, which is a new performance technology that splits the torque to enhance your vehicle’s effectiveness and efficiency even more. In fact, did you know that Mitsubishi’s Outlander and Outlander Sport line of SUVs was the “Most Awarded Family of AWD Vehicles to date?”

mitsusbishi outlander sport, mitsubishi outlander sport north huntingdon

So give us a call, and schedule your test drive today!

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