Is four seconds worth your life?

Studies show that over 600,000 people use their cell phones or other electronic devices while operating a vehicle. Texting while driving increases your chances of being in a car accident twenty-three times more likely. When texting while behind the wheel of a car, it takes your eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. This is similar to driving down a football field blind-folded, but is texting and driving worse than drinking and driving? According to Harvard Center for Risk Analysis study shows that over 3,000 deaths are caused by texting and driving and it has passed deaths resulted from drunk driving. Texting and use of electronic devices are addictively attached to our hands; we almost become dependent on these devices that we do not know when to “put them down”. It makes you wonder are those text messages that important that you must replying right away before reaching your destination? The inability to pay attention to the road possess a threat to all other pedestrians either walking, playing or on the roads themselves.

texting and driving

Texting and driving is a dangerous addiction that people don’t seem to take as serious as they should; we live in a society where we fell that it can never be us. We have this mindset that we are so good at what we do and we’ve done it one million times and one million and one more wont kill us, but what f that 4.7 seconds does, or even worse someone else? As drivers we have to take on the responsibility that the machines we are operating have the ability to change  the lives of people due to our negligence. It’s time to take our own actions for accountability and ask if those four seconds are worth everything you’ve built so far. Tips for trying to preventing texting and driving are try putting your  phone on silent or airplane mode before getting into the car, or even set your phone up with Bluetooth in your car. Install apps such as DriveOFF, or live2text and for concerned parents there is an app called Canary. Canary helps parents monitor their child’s use of their cellphones behind the wheel of the car. All are effective ways to assure you remain safe behind the wheel of the car.

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