“Is that the sound of Jazz, or are you really feeling the Blues?”

bluesNow they don’t call it Blue Monday for no reason; the Monday starting the last full week was given the name Blue Monday because it is the time where people are the most depressed and saddest. Three weeks already into the year, some people may be going back to work; others struggling for their own problems and others just upset we are in the midst of winter. Whatever the reason is this day is certainly a gloomy and down day for all, but how can you brighten up this day so that Blue Monday does not get the best of you?

Listening to music is something that I personally like to do in order to get my mind off of things. When you listen to music, your mind drifts off and takes you into your own personal world. If you have no time for music try starting your day off better in the mornings. Wake up get yourself a nice breakfast in; you should know by now breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make sure it will help you get through the day.

Throughout the day you want to limit yourself to caffeine. For all the coffee lovers in the morning; if you are already feeling depressed than I am sorry to tell you this but coffee is a no, no this week. Caffeine kicks starts peoples days but in the long term it actually does the opposite later on in the day, and can lower levels of energy; which can cause depression.

Other ways to help get rid of the blues are finding humor in any and everything. Laughter can brighten your day and it said people with a sense of humor as less likely to be depressed. If you cannot find anything funny in your daily life, than try talking to somebody or changing up your daily routines. Changing your daily routines can add a new dimension in your life and it can give you a sense of excitement to overcome that depression. Lastly if all fails, try going to a gym, running or just exercising in general whether it’s at home or a gym; out work the funk.

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