Mitsubishi Outranks Top Luxury Brands

Recently, we received a letter from Mitsubishi Motors Executive Vice President, Don Swearingen. Don wrote to us to inform us that the Mitsubishi brand is making historic news.

Mitsubishi scored seven points above industry average in the 2015 U.S Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). This is the second time that Mitsubishi has ranked above industry average for VDS, and this milestone was achieved by a 26-point, 10-ranking improvement over last year.

Now in its 26th year, the VDS examines problems experienced during the past 12 months by original owners of 2012 -year vehicles. Overall dependability is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles, with a lower score reflecting higher quality. The study was enhanced in 2015 to better measure the quality of today’s vehicles, particularly related to new technologies and features now being offered. Thirty brands were assessed in this year’s VDS, which was based upon responses from more than 34,000 original owners of 2012 model-year vehicles after three years of ownership. The industry average was 147 problems per 100 vehicles, or approximately 1.5 problems per vehicle.

Jim Shorkey Mitshishi North Huntingdon

Mitsubishi scored an outstanding 140, performing better than their key competitors like Subaru (157) and Volkswagen (165). Not only did Mitsubishi score better than their leading competitors, they also beat out some luxury brands including Infinite (144), BMW (146) and Land Rover (258) as well.

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