7 Gift ideas for your Gearhead in your life!

It should come as no surprise that Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi has many gearheads working here.  From technicians, sales consultants and receptionist many love working with cars even after they leave work.  And let’s be real, you probably have a Gearhead in your live too!  Here are 7 items that any gearhead would love to get during the holiday season.


Metro Vac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner $89.99

Vaccuum, Jim Shorkey, Christmas ideas, Gearhead, Mitsubishi

If you are always on the run, eating in your car, things can get messy.  The 500-watt Metro Vac weighs less than 3 pounds but delivers 60″ of water lift (sealed suction measurement) that makes really fast work of cleanups in your car


Deluxe Sta-Put Hammock Car Seat Cover for Dogs $46.99

Hammock, Jim Shorkey, Mitsubishi, Gearhead items

Have a pet friend you want with you but not the fur in your vehicle.  The hammock shape also acts as a barrier to the front seat, and includes two storage pockets.  Works with all vehicles with headrest.


Dual USB Charger $22.99

Dual charger, Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi, Gearheads, Things for Christmas

With the Dual USB charger, you can now charge or power two devices at the same time. The low-profile dual charger includes both high and low-current USB outputs, perfect for charging your tablet and handheld mobile device simultaneously while you’re on the road.


Global Power Converter $37.99

Adapter, Jim Shorkey, X mas ideas

The Global Power Converter not only converts voltage, but includes 4 built-in adapter plugs for the regions of Europe, the U.K., Australia and China–over 150 countries in all. So there are no individual plugs to misplace–just one compact unit that fits easily in the smallest bag. You can use it with small travel appliances up to 1875 watts, including most hair dryers, curling irons and shavers.


Heavy Duty Clean Park Garage Floor Mat $232.95

Gift ideas, Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi


The Clean Park also keeps your garage and home safe by keeping all of your walk areas dry.  The heavy duty vinyl, in conjunction with the raised plastic edges, holds gallons of liquid from spreading onto the garage floor.


Non-shed Imitation Sheepskin Auto Seat Covers $64.99

Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi, Seating

These Auto Seat Covers are machine washable. Fits high or low back bucket seats. The imitation sheepskin seat covers won’t leave fibers on your clothes like other custom simulated sheepskin seat covers. Sold as a pair.


Swift Hitch Portable Back-Up Camera $239.99

Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi

Make one person trailer hookup easy with a portable backup camera. Simply magnetically affix the camera to your tailgate and view the action from the driver’s seat on the handheld 2.5-inch color screen. It even has night vision.

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