5 Stonehouse Dishes You Have to Try!


Jim Shorkey Auto Group and Stonehouse have been working together on Stonehouse Idol for years.  One thing we have notice from the collaboration is the amazing quality of food they make.  In the Summer we BBQ’s from Stonehouse with amazing pulled and mac n cheese.  While talking to Christine the PR specialist she gave me the 5 dishes at Stonehouse you have to try!


Venison Chili

Venison Chilli

Made with all natural farm raised venison, roasted green chilis and Chef’s secret blend of spices it can’t be beat.


Ribeye Steak


We buy the highest grade Choice beef available that has been aged for 28 days.  then we dry age it in house for another 14 days to optimize and concentrate the flavor.  Every single one is hand cut here by our chefs, seasoned with our own house made Grill Rub and broiled to order at 1200F to seal in the flavor, then each is served with our Stone House Steak Sauce.


Pulled Pork Nachos

Jim Shorkey mitusbishi, Kia, stone house

An absolute house favorite of our regulars it’s a feast in itself.  Layered and stacked up with our famous cheese sauce, Memphis BBQ sauce, fresh made salsa, tortilla chips and everyone’s favorite Stone House Smoke House pulled pork


Bison Flank Steak

all natural farm raised American Bison!  The flank steak is marinated in our sweet and spicy soy sauce, seasoned and seared medium rare then sliced thin and served over stir fried brown rice and veggies



A Stone House Tradition for over 40 years!!  the closely kept recipe of beef, sausage, vegetables, the amazing marinara sauce, fresh pasta and loads of mozzarella and pecorino cheeses baked to perfection and then served as a huge portion is legendary!


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