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Mitsubishi’s Fast Key Entry System: What It Is and How It Works

Mitsubishi Motors designs cars with the drivers of North Huntingdon and Pittsburgh in mind. Case and point: their Fast Key Entry System. Sounds great, but the heck is it? This ultra-convenient system lets you unlock your car, start the engine, and drive away without having to fumble in your pocket or purse for your keys. And when paired with available push-to-start technology, the convenience is unimaginably doubled. But how does it work? Inquiring minds want to know!

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To start, “Fast” as in “Fast Key” actually stands for Free-Hand-Advanced Security Transmitter, which pretty much covers the basics. When a transmitter (your key) comes within a certain distance of a receiver (built into your vehicle), then the locks disengage. Further, when paired with push-to-start technology, a person can simply push the start button without inserting a key into the ignition. But don’t fret if your Mitsubishi isn’t equipped with push-to-start technology. The Mitsubishi Fast Key Entry System will still allow you to press the ignition knob on the steering column to release the lock, and then twist it to start the engine. Much easier than trying to find your key in your purse or pocket; all you have to do is drive!

So the next time you’re admiring the blue skies on your way into work, and then running through the parking lot to your car in a rainstorm after work, just think: You should really get a Mitsubishi.

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