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How to set up your bluetooth to your Mitsubishi Mirage

  1. Power on the phone and ensure Bluetooth is ON. Please refer to your phone’s user guide for steps to turn on Bluetooth.
  1. Press and release the PHONE button on the steering wheel and wait for the “beep” before you speak.
  1. Say “Pair (a) device”, or “Pair (a) Phone”.
  1. System will respond with “Start pairing procedure on the device. See the device manual for instructions. The Pairing Code is ‘XXXX’”.
  1. Remember the PIN code the Fuse System speaks.

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Your not Seeing things, That Mirage is a Sedan!

Mirage G4, 2017 Mirage

Mitsubishi scored a huge win with its latest generation of the Mirage.  With its smaller engine, spacious interior, and clean styling, the Mirage teaches you that being small can be a good thing. The Mirage is pound for pound a one of the best cars on the market.  It has a reputation for being a money saver with one of the best miles per gallon for a vehicle that is not a hybrid.  The Mitsubishi Mirage’s sales success led to the additional expansion of a sedan based model.  We here at Jim Shorkey are happy to announce we have the 2017 Mitsubishi G4 Sedan. The G4 Sedan is unique from the Hatchback model but keeps the traits that makes the Mirage loved.

The 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is a four-door sedan version of the pre-existing Mirage hatchback.  All 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage models will get a revamp no matter hatchback or sedan.  The sedan obviously gains a trunk, the G4 sports all of the upgrades made to the Mirage sedan for 2017, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.  Switching to a four-door sedan body changes the styling, and at the other end there’s a designed a sedan-specific front fascia.  The G4 sedan is already sold in a bunch of other markets as either the Mirage G4 or the Attrage, and Mitsubishi decided this was the year to bring the sedan to North America for some time.

Mirage Sedan, Mitsubishi sedan, Mitsubishi Mirage, Mirage,

The Mitsubishi G4 Mirage offers the same 1.2-liter, three-cylinder engine as the Mirage hatchback. While driving you should expect it to produce the same 78 horsepower and 74 pound-feet torque, and for the same five-speed manual and CVT automatic transmission options to be on tap. What the Mirage lacks in power it makes up for in fuel economy: the last hatchback model to be EPA certified got 40 mpg combined, making it the most efficient non-hybrid car sold in the U.S. The Sedan will get 37 mpg

The interior should be pretty similar to the Mirage hatchback, which gets a new steering wheel and seat materials as part of its 2017 refresh. Like the hatchback, the Mirage G4 gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 300-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system from the five-door may be offered on the sedan as well.

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Our Favorite Places to Drive the Mitsubishi Mirage around Pittsburgh and North Huntingdon

With an EPA-estimated 40 mpg when combined with the available continuously variable transmission (CVT) and an impressively low base price, you’ll most likely want to drive your new Mirage all over Western PA. We recently scooped out the best spots!

Fat Head’s Saloon
Located in Pittsburgh’s South Side—an area notorious for limited street parking—Fat Head’s Saloon is a craft beer brewery with a massive menu. In the Mirage, you can easily maneuver into that one cramped spot that SUVs and mid-size sedans have to pass up. So while your friends are making laps around the building or paying to park in a garage, you’ll be chowing down on some appetizers.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning
Cathedral of Learning Pittsburgh
And while you’re over in the South Side, you can hop onto the Birmingham Bridge and head over to Oakland to visit the Cathedral of Learning. Whether you want to check out the Nationality Rooms or simply take in the cathedral’s grandeur, you won’t have to worry about the narrow lanes in Oakland or parallel parking on the street. With the Mirage’s subcompact frame, the odds of you sideswiping mirrors as you hunt for a spot is slim to none.

Fort Ligonier
From Pittsburgh, you’ll want to hop on the turnpike and head east to Fort Ligonier—a British fort in the French and Indian War. And since you’re already paying tolls, you’ll be happy to save gas money in your Mirage. Once you arrive, you can explore the museum galleries, exhibits, and extensive archaeological collections. You can also tour the impressive Fort, a full-scale, on-site restoration/reconstruction of the 1758 – 1766 original. The Fort Ligonier town itself is about 15 acres, while the restored Fort is about 8—making you happy you drove the Mirage so that you don’t have to walk.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater
The Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, located within the wooded Bear Run Nature Reserve, is a monument to organic architecture at its best. This must-see construction is about a 45-mile drive from Fort Ligonier, so you’ll need the Mirage’s fuel economy, which is the best of any non-hybrid vehicle. And a bonus: after you return from your hike through the Reserve, you’ll have no trouble spotting your brightly colored Mirage in the crowded parking lot!

Safe travels!

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Why You Should Buy the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage is so striking in its appearance that it’s almost unreal—hence, its namesake. But if you aren’t familiar with this vehicle by now, then listen up. Here are just a few reasons why you should buy the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage.

2015 mitsubishi mirage, mitsubishi mirage, mirage north huntingdon, mitsuishi pittsburgh

  1. Exciting, Eye-Catching Colors

Plasma purple, kiwi green, sapphire blue—colors upon colors upon colors! This candy-coated delight on wheels offers a diverse selection of color choices, sure to satisfy even the pickiest of car shoppers. With the Mirage, drivers have the chance to choose a paint color that best suits them. And the best part? The 2015 Mirage looks great no matter what color it embodies!

  1. It’s Environmental-Friendly

The Mirage is known as one of the most fuel efficient non-hybrid vehicles in the world, and the 2015 edition is no exception. In 2014, the Mirage was named by Forbes as one of the 12 Greenest Cars, a huge accomplish in a world now in the heat of battle against global warming.

The 2015 Mirage boasts an impressive 40 MPG combined, so you’ll never have to worry about the vehicle guzzling gallons of gas and costing you more money!

mitsubishi mirage pittsburgh, mitsubishi mirage north huntingdon

  1. Great Powertrain Warranty

If you’re looking for a vehicle with a great warranty that keeps your best interests in mind, look no more. The 2015 Mirage boasts a reliable 10-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty.

Also included is a 5-year/60,000-mile fully transferable New Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty, 7-year/100,000-mile Anti-Corrosion/Perforation Limited Warranty, and 5-year/unlimited miles Roadside Assistance. And of course, this is on top of Jim Shorkey’s exclusive Warranty Forever program, at no additional cost for you.

  1. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The 2015 Mirage brings innovation to its overall performance with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The CVT replaces traditional gears with a belt system that streamlines shifting for smoother driving and better fuel economy. It also shifts into neutral when you hit the brakes.

mitsubishi mirage pittsburgh, mitsubishi mirage north huntingdon

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2015 Mitsubishi Mirage Gets Pittsburgh Drivers Where They Want To Go

Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi is taking note on the new generation of drivers—the millennials.

In the age of less is more, Mitsubishi is listening to what the younger generation of drivers want: an affordable, more environmentally responsible, easy-to-drive car. To meet the demands of millennials, Mitsubishi has met the supply with another model year of the Mirage.

2015 mitsubishi mirage, mitsubishi mirage, mirage north huntingdon, mirage pittsburgh

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most affordable vehicles on the market. This vehicle really does fit the “less is more” motto for the amount of vehicle and standard features that are included for the price. The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage gets astounding fuel economy without even being an electric or hybrid model. The 2015 Mirage is a great vehicle for the young Pittsburgh drivers looking to get around town quickly, easily, and affordably.

Not only does the Mirage have easy handling and fun features, it is also one of few vehicles that come in a variety of vibrant colors like purple and lime green!

2015 mitsubishi mirage, mitsubishi mirage, mirage north huntingdon, mitsuishi pittsburgh

And for the millennials who have recently graduated college, Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi offers a recent college grad discount!

Stop by Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi on Route 30 in North Huntingdon, and take one for a test drive today!

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